All You Need To Know About BBQ Dining And Cult Favorites


Barbeque – called BBQ or barbie – refers to a style of cooking. It could refer to grilling, smoking, braising, or baking, but the end result of a well-prepared recipe is always satisfying to the taste buds. Texas is often known for its incredible BBQ scene, but there are just too many options elsewhere. Some of the best restaurants in Missouri serve barbeque foods like no other. In this post, we are discussing it all – How the barbeque style cooking differs, the items you need to try at a restaurant, and much more.

Decoding the barbeque style

Grilled BBQ foods are cooked on a high flame, while the traditional barbeque-style cooking can take hours. While vegetarian recipes are popular for sure, barbequed meats taste the best. Many restaurants spend hours in prepping the meat for the recipe, and the cooking process for certain recipes start in the morning, so that guests can be served at night. Barbequing may also refer to a fast cooking method, where the meat is cooked directly on heat, specially in the UK, but in the US, roasting, smoking, and grilling are equally popular.

Trying the best BBQ foods

Most barbecue joints have their own specialties, and chefs often like to experiment with the recipes, but we strongly recommend that you try some ribs and brisket. Smoked pork or beef ribs taste amazing, while for chicken loves, BBQ wings and grilled breast are good options. Smoked meats can be used for making a wide range of sandwiches, salads, and burgers too. A word of advice here – don’t ask the restaurant to hurry up when it comes to classic BBQ recipes. The taste of the meat only doubles during the smoking process. For selected meats, only certain kinds of wood pellets are used, while some recipes require keeping the charcoal away from the meat but close enough to ensure the cooking process. Smoked sausages, pork belly, spare ribs are other things worth trying.

Find a restaurant near you!

What are you waiting for? Check online now and find more on the best restaurants near you! Find eateries that have BBQ style recipes and have at least a few options in brisket and grilled meats. You can also choose to grab a bite on the go by ordering online. For the next dining event, take your friends and share a plate of grilled bacon, beef ribs, or BBQ chicken wings!