Understanding All About Liquor Licensing in Florida


If you wish to set up a liquor business in Florida then you need to get a good understanding about its rules and regulations. This article aims at solving all your queries and providing you information that you need to make the right selection of a liquor license.

What is SFS and who are eligible for it?

As per the state laws, restaurants are eligible to get SFS or Special Food Service licenses for sale as well as consumption of all kinds of alcoholic beverages “on the premises”. In order to get qualified for this license, they need to meet the below criteria:

  • The majority of their total earnings (a minimum of 51%) should come from selling non-alcoholic beverages, and food.
  • They should have 2,500 sq. ft to 5,000 sq. ft of floor space below a permanent cover.
  • These restaurants should be able to accommodate 150 to 250 patrons at a given time. This implies that the premise should provide sufficient space and meal to 150 to 250 visitors at a single time.

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Things to known when buying an SFS license for existing business

If you are buying an existing liquor business that comes with an “SFS license”, then you don’t need to buy the license from the existing holder. A seller may offer you the license as a part of the sale deed, but you need to know that even after you procure the license, it will still meet state or county licensing needs.

What type of liquor license is appropriate for small restaurents?

If you are a small establishment with no plans to open or buy a restaurant to sell alcoholic beverages, then you can choose “quota license”. Such licenses are allotted to those businesses that get selected through a state-run lottery in any given county. The one and only pre-requisite for quota license is that the total population of the county should be increased by a stated number of people.


So, based on the above considerations, you can easily select the type of license that your business is eligible for.