How to Safely Dine Out During the Pandemic


As Australia returns to normality, most restaurants and cafés start to reopen and welcome back customers. Although take out deliveries are all well and good, nothing beats sitting in a nice café or restaurant enjoying the company of friends over a delicious meal.

Being cooped up inside for many months has reminded us of the pleasures of dining out. If you are still slightly worried about the virus, follow these tips to safely dine out during the pandemic.

Covid-19 Protocols

Eating out is fine in Australia as long as you follow the right safety protocol. Before you choose a restaurant, bar, or café on the Central Coast, make sure they are committed to following the right protocol. Have a look on their website or check out their social media site. You will quickly find out whether they are taking things seriously or being lackadaisical about the rules.

Get in Touch

Another way to find out if an eatery is following guidelines is to get in touch with them and ask yourself. You can call their business number and speak to an employee or send them a message online and wait for a response. You will generally see pictures and information online about the steps they are taking to ensure their customer’s safety.

Sit Outdoors

This only applies to dining outside when the weather is fine as nobody is going to sit outside during the winter. If the weather allows, why not sit outdoors, and enjoy a drink or a meal where the air is circulating freely and there are no air condition systems in place. Call the café or restaurant and request an outdoor table that has dividers or is six feet apart from others.

Keep Your Hands Clean & Wear a Mask

Clean your hands before you enter the dining area and before leaving. Only take your face mask or face shield off when you are eating and put it back on when you are talking to waiters/waitress or any other member of staff. If you get up to go to the bathroom, put your mask on to be extra safe.

Most cafés and restaurant staff are working extremely hard to serve their customers while following safety protocol, so do not be too harsh on them in a time of difficulty. Follow the guidelines set out by the establishment and pay attention to their requests. Be kind and understanding of patrons and enjoy your meal.