6 Best Midway Restaurants in the US You Must Definitely Try


If you live in the Midwest or are planning a trip, and you have no idea on where to wine and dine, this list got your back. Here are the best midway restaurants in the US you must definitely not miss.

  • Green Mill Restaurant and Bar, MN

This chain was found in 1935 in St. Paul, Minnesota. This has been a neighbourhood staple for more than 40 years and has the oldest license pub as well. They serve amazing deep dish pizza and this is what makes this place famous. They also serve made from scratch pasta, sandwiches and handmade cocktails while embracing the concept of earn rewards while you eat. They have over 20 branches in the country.

  • Alinea, IL

This place is deemed a dinner theatre for this generation. It embraces the influence of Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas’ star restaurants that evolved to give away the themes of nostalgia, and culinary globalism. It allowed the chefs to explore the connections between science, art, and cooking and fame turned one of the best place for amazing tasting menu dining. They have 3 menus of varied lengths and complexities.

  • Big Jones, IL

This place is brought up by an impassioned chef scholar and the great Southern restaurants. This place is famous for serving the versions of fried chicken, pimento cheese, shrimps and grits. They also serve 1800 era dishes such as Florida red snapper “caveach”, calas and fried steak.

  • Bouefhaus, IL

This is a Chicago steakhouse, but also has mahogany bar tops, Caesar salads and a lot more. It serves the best seared beef steak, dry aged ribeye which is cooked in cast iron skillet.

  • Milktooth, IN

This sunny diner signifies the daytime Americana dining. The chefowner finds ways to recast morning foods everyday. He mixes together sourdough zucchini bread batter for waffles and then adds chocolate, maple, orange cream cheese and pearl sugar for crunch. Dutch people will love the flavors of chorizo and manchego or berries with cucumber lemon curd. For beverages, go for a macchiato or a boozy cocktail with pisco and mescal.

  • Rook, IN

This noodle house is a new establishment. They serve amazing rames, rice bowls, and umami rich East meets Midwest dishes. Head chef specializes in serving the crunchy crab lumpiang friend inside purple yam crepes and halo halo with lemongrass milk and Fruity pebbles. The steamed buns are stuffed with Spam, American Cheese, pickles and white BBQ sauce.