Can Vegans Still Enjoy Pizza?


When many of us think of pizza, it gets easy to feel hung up on the idea of meat and cheese dominating the menu. With this idea for a pizza recipe there isn’t much room for vegans to enjoy a traditional slice. Vegan pizza is a movement that is growing today however and there are a number of plant based substitutes that are being used to make traditional pizza dough, new veggie-cheese alternatives and more.

Vegan cheese substitutes:

There are a number of options for pizza cheese substitutes using vegan ingredients today. Soy milk, nut based cheese and more can melt in a satisfying way over pizza crust. Daiya for example is shredded cheese produced using tapioca starch and coconut oil. It produces some of the most flavourful vegan cheese options for making pizza.

Cauliflower crust:

One of the most revolutionary ways to make pizza dough without using eggs means using chopped cauliflower and a flax egg as your main binder. This produces a great quality dough that can roast up like your favourite traditional dough.

Forgo the cheese:

You can also give up on cheese entirely, focusing on flavouring with roasted garlic and oven roasted tomatoes for the bulk of the flavours. A simple pie produced with a cauliflower crust, tomatoes, chilli oil, basil and garlic can bring plenty of flavour to the recipe.

A number of restaurants are learning about these alternatives and building a great menu of vegan pizzas to offer their customers!

While it may not be easy to dash out and grab a quick slice of vegan pizza without some research or some preparation time at home, it is definitely possible for vegans to enjoy pizza. With the help of the right recipe you can produce an excellent quality vegan pizza at home.

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