Bar Etiquettes for Every Adult to Enjoy Happy Hour in Denver


Bars are certified floors, where adults turn loose and often act like grown children. However, even the most scandalous bars have some written and unwritten rules. These are not framed on the wall as warning signs, but to enjoy happy hour in downtown Denver at Blake Street Tavern there are some behavior etiquettes for every adult.

Never reach across the bar

The Denver bar surface is a sacred barrier, which must never be breached to get your hands-on extra maraschino cherries or pour your beer or gain access to plug for charging your phone. Violating this etiquette will be sentenced to endless waiting for their drinks.

Get familiar with the bar to order accordingly

You would not order a burger in an Italian restaurant even if they have bread and beef in their kitchen. In the same way, never order an overcomplicated cocktail in a dive bar or expect to see a long wine list extending beyond red or white in a sports bar. Spend some time to ponder whether a specific kind of cocktail needs to be ordered or not. It is better, not to…….choose beer!

Never wave your money

Yelling, waving, and snapping irritate the bartender. If you wish for a drink place card or money on the table and wait. As soon as you make eye contact just wave politely. Never ever act like a maniac!

When things are busy……..

Bar-goers are thirsty and bartenders are busy. You must be familiar with what you wish to drink before the bartender reaches you. Things are busy and you are looking at the cocktail menu making the bartender wait till you order. When it is order time, never ask the bartender about the cocktail ingredients.

You can read them on the menu. Never order multiple drinks because this seems like you are monopolizing the bartender’s time. There is a long queue waiting to get their individual drink made, which can be a combination of time-consuming ingredients or a simple mojito.

Never monopolize the games

Shuffleboards, pool, arcade, and foosball games are great entertainment in a bar. You can play as much as you desire but the moment you feel a group eyeballing the game, courteously move away from the table as soon as you can.

Never mess the bathroom

The bathroom in a busy bar is often degraded. Remember fluids and paper towels go in the commode, whereas everything needs to end up in the wastebasket. Never leave the bathroom messier!

Tip the bartender, if not on each drink but every other one!