Sweet and Sour Pork – Home Cooking Tips


Sweet and sour pork, featuring due to its sweet and sour taste, is preferred among lots of. The constituents from the dish is easy, also you can easily prepare. However, if you want to organize it fitness center get yourself a originate one, you should know some rudimentary home cooking tips from the dish.


pork fillet (300g), tomato sauce (40g), cooking wine (15g), vinegar (20g), sugar (35g), salt (3g), water starch (30g)

Cooking procedure:

1. Cut the pork fillet into pieces with size 1.5cm X 4cm.Pickle these with some salt and cooking wine.

2. Put the sugar, vinegar, water and water starch in to a bowl for future.

3. Pour oil(300g) to the wok, adding pork fillets to the wok when the oil temperature reaches around about 80? Get rid of the pork if the changes into white-colored-colored. Utilize the shovel pats it disappear individuals remaining with each other.

4. Still heat the oil inside the wok. When the oil temperature reaches around 90, put the prepared fillets to the wok again and fried them until they become golden color. Take them of within the wok for future use.

5. Put some oil inside the wok, if the reaches around 70 then add tomato sauce into them. Stir fry them prior to the red oil arrives of tomato sauce. Pour the prepared sauce in second step into wok. Then add prepared pork fillets into them when the sauce becomes thick and vibrant red. Stir-fry this mixture quickly prior to the fillets are coated with sauce evenly.


1. Repeat frying in third step and 4 is vital for crispy outdoors, tender inside, and this step can not be overlooked.

2. Another significant factor is the amount of salt and sugar. Please select the right ration according to your individual taste.

3. Following a sauce becomes thick, you need to quickly stir fry the fillets.