Essentials Sauces You Need To Ensure You Have At Your Next BBQ


When planning a BBQ for your family and friends, you will need to ensure you plan everything accordingly and have everything you need. You will need to have plenty of food for everyone to enjoy and drink, but you will also need to ensure you have a variety of condiments for people to have with their food. You can have many different sauces at your next BBQ, and below are some of the favourite ones that people expect to see in no particular order.

Sriracha Sauce

Even if you do not like spicy food, you can guarantee there will be someone at your BBQ who does, so you may want to get some original Sriracha sauce to satisfy their needs. You can use it as a marinade for your meat, add it to your burger or hotdog, or drizzle it over your BBQ chicken. It is an incredibly flavoursome sauce that many people enjoy, and it is not too hot, so it is suitable for most tastes and palates.

Tomato Sauce

Another essential sauce for your BBQ is tomato, which many people love to put on their burgers and hotdogs. It is also a firm favourite with the kids, so you must ensure you have some of this sauce for your BBQ. You can find this sauce in almost every shop, so it is easy to get, and you will often see lots of varieties from which you can choose.


You will also want plenty of mayonnaise for your BBQ, which is a staple condiment for any good BBQ. You can buy this from a shop easily, but it is also something you can quickly make at home, which is cheaper and tastes just as delicious. You can click here to get a quick and simple recipe for mayonnaise so you can surprise your guests with your homemade version.

BBQ Sauce

Another compulsory sauce you must have at your BBQ is BBQ sauce, which is excellent for marinating your meats. The sweet and sticky sauce is perfect for chicken, pork, beef, and other meats, and you can also use it as a condiment on the side.


You will also want to ensure you have mustard available for your guests at your BBQ, and there are different types y can get. You can get the American yellow mustard which is common on burgers and hotdogs, or you can go for something stronger such as English mustard. As people like different types of mustard, you may want to get a few different ones, so there is a good selection for your guests.